Crostini with truffle and cheese with truffle flavored oil

Welcome back to the “Roby’s recipes” format

I am passionate about cooking but above all about oils, from organic to extra virgin olive oil up to flavoured.

I think that using quality oils in the kitchen gives an edge to every dish you cook.

But no more talk, let’s start immediately with the recipe of the week!

Today I propose a quick and easy recipe but with great taste:

Truffle and cheese crostini with truffle flavored oil from Marchesi Gallo

Ingredients :
270g of cheese to taste
Milk to taste
1 egg yolk
1 black truffle
6 slices of toasted bread
Truffle flavored oil from Marchesi Gallo

To make these pies, first cut the cheese into cubes, collect it in a bowl, and cover it with milk, leaving it to rest for a few hours .

After this time, drain it and put it in a small saucepan and put it on the stove. over medium heat and let it melt, stirring constantly with a wooden spoon.

Once removed from the heat, tie the fondue with the egg yolk, mixing gently.

Spread the bruschetta cover them with the hot fondue on the plates and complete with grated truffle and the Marchesi Gallo truffle-flavoured oil.