What are olive mills and what are they used for?

An indispensable element to create the products of our oil mill, the oil mill is nothing more than the place where all the harvested olives are brought, which are then treated according to the various processing procedures. The aim is, of course, the production of our extra virgin olive oil.

How does the process work?

Let’s now explain how our work cycle works.

The olives are harvested with manual stripping methods and also with the help of mechanical tools, mirroring the ability of the Marchesi Gallo company to combine traditions with everything that technological innovation provides .

The olives are then completely defoliated within 8 hours of harvesting, then they are pressed in the mill with a continuous method at low temperatures.

Our organic extra virgin olive oil is then stored in stainless steel tanks under nitrogen, in controlled temperature rooms.

A genuine oil, with flavors that will surprise you.

A retro-olfactory characteristic of our extra virgin olive oil is the aftertaste of licorice, which makes it particularly suitable for seasoning fish, meat and vegetables.

An essential element within a healthy and genuine Mediterranean diet.

Marchesi Gallo is an organic company in all respects.

What does this mean?

That all the principles of organic farming are applied with great care. The company is also certified by the ICEA control body, since 1993, for the use of sustainable agricultural techniques and the use of natural fertilizers compatible with environmental protection pursuant to EC Reg. 834 of 2007.

A certification that attests the quality of our extra virgin olive oil and consumer protection.