Delicious breakfast recipes with olive oil

If you’re looking for a nice way to start the day, try these olive oil breakfast recipes.

Lemon fried eggs with olive oil, thyme and avocado recipe
An exquisite way to serve eggs is to cook them with lemon juice and olive oil. You can also add other herbs and spices to eggs, such as thyme. Cook them over medium heat, then add a little water to the bottom of the pan. Then cover the pan with a lid or light pan to keep them warm. Let them cook until the eggs are cooked the way you like best.

Spread the avocado mixture on one or both sides of the toast slices. Then, garnish each toast with a crispy fried egg. Serve with fork and knife. This dish is great with a cup of coffee and you can eat it as a snack at any time. For a light breakfast, you can also add sliced ​​tomatoes to the avocado club. Be sure to toast the bread before adding the eggs.

Olive oil tapenade recipe
This tasty olive cream is perfect to accompany a meal or snack. It can be made with green, kalamata or black olives. Capers and anchovies can be added to flavor the mix with a floral and spicy note. Puff pastry is also a great vehicle for tapenade.

To make the tapenade, you will need a blender. That way, you won’t have to spend hours chopping by hand. Just combine all the ingredients except the olive oil, which is added later, and blend them together for a few seconds. Add some water if the mixture is too thick. Taste the tapenade before serving to make sure the flavors are right. You can also add a small amount of maple syrup if you want to balance the sour taste.

Spread the pasta on the bread and serve with crackers and fresh vegetables. Alternatively, you can use olive tapenade as a sauce for vegetables or as a topping for grilled fish. It is also a great addition to a pasta salad.

More recipes for breakfast with olive oil
Honey and olive oil are a great combination when consumed together. All you need is a slice of bread, 2 tablespoons of honey and some extra virgin olive oil. This breakfast recipe will get you fit and ready for your day.

Those who aren’t early risers may want to spruce up their morning routine. A simple breakfast of fresh fruit and yogurt, combined with a drizzle of olive oil, ( even better if extra virgin olive oil ) is the perfect start to the day. For those who love salads for breakfast, you can also eat vegetables with a drizzle of olive oil and the addition of a nice vinaigrette or sauce.

If you are looking for other meals that incorporate olive oil, simply replace your regular vegetable oil or lard used during cooking with olive oil. It is healthier and gives you that extra olive flavor. And if you want to go all out more, there are many other healthy and delicious breakfast recipes.

Try these options today and find out how you can benefit from olive oil for breakfast too. You will be happy you did!