Extra virgin olive oil: a panacea for health

Buying genuine products is the best idea a consumer can have. Not only with regard to the economic aspect, but above all for health which, as we have sadly learned in recent months, remains the most important thing ever. In this regard, a product that can make a positive difference for psycho-physical well-being is extra virgin olive oil.

What is extra virgin olive oil

Typical element of the Mediterranean diet, for several centuries a fixed presence on the Italian table. A product loved and appreciated all over the world, for its exceptional taste and the ability to accompany in an incredible way a vast quantity of dishes, from first to second courses.

But why is it called extra virgin olive oil? What is the difference with what is simply called olive oil? The difference is all in the production method. While olive oil is the result of a process that also sees the presence of chemical components, such as solvents, extra virgin olive oil is made by pressing the olives. In this case, everything happens through mechanical methods and the final product turns out to be totally natural, without the slightest presence of chemical elements.

EVO oil: health benefits

Is it a bit too much to define EVO oil (an acronym used for extra virgin olive oil) as an elixir of long life? In reality, no, quite the opposite. Extra virgin olive oil is one of those products which, if taken regularly in the optimal dosage, guarantees a series of incredible benefits for the body.

Among the various benefits guaranteed by the intake of genuine EVO oil, we can mention:

· Prevention of cardiovascular diseases

· The antioxidant content allows you to prevent diseases related to aging

· EVO oil helps reduce blood pressure

· The fatty acids present in extra virgin olive oil help strengthen the immune system

· The intake of EVO oil also helps improve the health of our skin, making it strong and hydrated

A cure-all for cholesterol

We have just listed the health benefits, but there is still one thing to be said about the great benefits that we can obtain from the continuous (albeit moderate) consumption of extra virgin olive oil. Do you often have high cholesterol? EVO oil can help you a lot.

According to recent studies, eating a diet rich in extra virgin olive oil significantly affects the reduction of cholesterol levels, especially that known as bad cholesterol. This beneficial action makes the product an element that cannot be missing in your diet that must be healthy, full of genuine products and possibly free of all those elements that can be harmful in the long run.

Always choose organic products

Extra virgin olive oil is a symbol of the Mediterranean diet, an element that fully reflects the character and genuine side of our country and our traditions. For all these reasons, the advice we can give you is to include organic extra virgin olive oil in your diet. You will see in a short time the enormous benefits that you can derive from it.

EVO oil, but not only. Focusing decisively on organic products will allow you to make a qualitative leap in your diet and, more generally, in your whole life. Thanks to the incredible natural properties of organic products, such as their very high nutritional value, a diet free of chemical elements will help you achieve unthinkable well-being, with a substantial improvement in the immune system.

An additional note of a social nature: by buying organic products you will contribute to protecting the environment, precisely because what is the result of organic production involves less invasive production methods, to the benefit of the natural ecosystem that surrounds us.

For your life, and for all those who are by your side, choose to focus on what is natural.

Vincenzo Abate