A family-run


Leading a company producing extra virgin olive oil is a complex challenge, but at the same time fascinating. Passion is the secret to being successful in this profession. Our company bases all its work on this, a perfect mix of love for its land (and for its products) and competence.

That of the Marchesi Gallo company is a challenge that has been going on for now. years, without any compromise other than the immense love for what we do.

Inspired by nature

Selling a bottle of extra virgin olive oil is not just a mere market transaction, but much much more. It is a question of giving prestige to our beloved Calabria, a region that often jumps to the headlines only for unpleasant facts. Here, we want to contribute to the redemption of the territory.

We have faced this challenge with courage and will continue to do so, head down.

Not just products

The company’s products are characterized by particularities that are difficult to find in any other oil company, because ours is a hillside oil (our estate is located at the foot of the Pollino) that retains unique characteristics. This is why it differs from any other extra virgin olive oil on the market. Every drop of our extra virgin olive oil represents unprecedented biodiversity.

Give yourself this unique sensory experience, order one of our products.

Federica Gallo
Who is

Federica Gallo

A lawyer who gives up his career to devote himself to his olive trees.

This is how I like to define myself, a woman who is free to express herself outside the paragraphs and laws of a code.

It may be a common story, but they are welcome if pushed by my own love for these wonderful centenary trees that have given prestige to my land, which have given life and progress to the many families who have fed on this oil over the centuries, heated from this wood, and who have experienced the uncontaminated landscape that today I feel the duty to protect.

A better Calabria, made up of honest people dedicated to sacrifice, able to communicate in the world with elegance and competence, this is what drives me to do better every day.

It will be our challenge, and it will be through a bottle of our oil … where we will try to communicate all the competence, dedication and pride of the family that I created in the city where I was born and where I decided to return to live.

Francesco Barbino
Who is

Francesco Barbino

I was not born a farmer, but I became one in 2013 after completing the first level course for olive oil tasters.

in fact I obtained scientific studies at the time of high school and then graduated in literature and philosophy in Rome, always cultivating my passion for music so as to realize a profession that I still practice with some success today.

I started the activity of olive grower with my wife to follow up a company history of more than 500 years, that of my wife’s family precisely.

Together we manage this wonderful estate in Calabria dedicated to the production of extra virgin olive oil, wine and almonds.

Right from the start we also have a tourist potential, not only productive, for this reason we strive to improve every year to produce uncompromising excellence, respecting the environment and according to the dictates of organic agriculture.

our dream is to also structure an accommodation company, which knows how to tell the best part of us and of our wonderful Calabria.