Margherita cake

Welcome back to the format “Roby’s recipes”

I am passionate about cooking but above all about oils, from organic to extra virgin olive oil up to flavoured.

I think that using quality oils in the kitchen gives an edge to every dish you cook.

But no more talk let’s start immediately with the recipe of the week!

Today I offer you a quick and easy recipe but with great taste: Torta Margherita

300g 00 flour
180g sugar
100ml Marchesi Gallo extra virgin olive oil
50ml milk
3 eggs
Lemon peel
1 sachet of baking powder for desserts

Mount the eggs with the sugar in a bowl, you get a frothy mixture.

Add the milk at room temperature, continuing to beat with the electric whisk, add the Marchesi Gallo extra virgin olive oil, and gradually add the sifted flour and grated lemon zest.

Finally, add the sachet of yeast. Bake at 180 for 40 minutes.