i nostri oli

Monocultivar Nocellara del Belice

7,68 12,68 

Olive oils characterized by a medium-intense level of fruitiness, a medium level of bitter and spicy, with prevailing hints of grass / leaf and tomato and light sensations of artichoke and fresh almond.

Pair it with:
seafood salads and chickpea soup (raw) or in short cooking at high temperature and frying, thanks to the high smoke point.

Extra virgin olive oil made with olives of a single variety (cultivar) is called monovarietal (or monocultivar oil).

Only a very small percentage of the oils produced in Italy are monovarietal:
the monocultivar is therefore perceived by connoisseurs as a rare and precious oil, an oil with a strong personality, very typical, very representative of the territory in which it is produced and capable of giving a unique and exquisite flavor to every dish.

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