Recipe: Grilled meat

Welcome to the new recipe format: “Roby’s recipes”

I am passionate about cooking but above all about oils, from organic to evo up to flavored ones.

I think that using quality oils in the kitchen gives an edge to every dish you cook.

But let’s get started with the first recipe of the week!

Servings: 4 people
Time: 30 minutes
Cooking: grilled
Course: second
Difficulty : easy

2 slices of fillet
1 rib of beef (700 / 800g)
2 burgers
200g of sausage
Ground garlic to taste
Crushed bay leaf to taste
Black pepper to taste
Salt to taste
Bergamot flavored oil from Marchesi Gallo
1 lemon

In a bowl pour the oil flavored with Marchesi Gallo bergamot and mix with the pepper, garlic, bay leaf, salt and a squeezed lemon, beat the all creating a foam.

Pour the mixture over the meats making them macerate for at least an hour, then place the meats on the grill and cook to your liking.

The dish is ready