The many uses of extra virgin olive oil with black truffle

Cooking is an activity that allows you to improve your skills day by day. Even those who spend hours a day in the kitchen creating splendid dishes and honing their library of recipes confirm that there is always more to learn.

Even if it’s great to discover new foods, sometimes we fall into the banal and repeat themselves, over time certain dishes can become boring or we may have proposed them too often. Even your most used dishes can be kept fresh and glamorous by adding a little extra flair.

The extra virgin olive oil infused with black truffle is a great way to add a touch of class to your food. With a little imagination, you can create distinct flavors in seconds. To get you started, here are some tips on how to use black truffle extra virgin olive oil in cooking.

What is black truffle extra virgin olive oil?

The infusion method used in the creation of black truffle extra virgin olive oil, also known more simply by the diminutive of “truffle oil”, gives it its name. To act as a carrier for the desired flavor, an infused oil starts with a neutral base such as sunflower, grapeseed or as in our case, extra virgin olive oil.

The base oil is then combined with a flavoring ingredient to provide a rich flavor. White or black truffles are used as flavoring agents in truffle oil.

The flavor and aroma of a truffle are shrouded in mystery, especially for those who have never tried one. Truffles are underground mushrooms that grow in clusters.

They are a fine dining delicacy due to their rarity and distinct flavor. While describing the flavor of a truffle can be difficult, many people use phrases like woody, earthy, garlicky, and fruity. The flavor is complex yet strong, allowing it to enhance the flavor of a wide range of foods.

A finishing oil rather than a cooking one

Extra virgin olive oil infused with black truffles has a refined flavor, ideal for cooking. It’s vital to remember that truffle oil is best used as a finishing oil before you start experimenting with it. Finishing oils are used for seasoning and garnishing food rather than cooking it.

This is because finishing oils have a low smoke point and can lose their flavor quickly when heated. Add your truffle oil just before serving and eating to get the most out of the flavor. Even just a spoonful of oil is enough to give a gourmet flavor to your dish without much effort.

How to use black truffle extra virgin olive oil in the kitchen

It’s as simple as finding and matching the flavors in your recipes to cook with Black Truffle Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Truffle oil has a distinct flavor, making it great for foods that don’t already have a lot of flavor. Here are some easy ways to use black truffle oil in your cooking.

On white pizza

You can turn this simple staple into something high-class by making pizza at home. Everything from the crust to the toppings you use can boost the flavor of your pizza. With little effort, a little black truffle oil can suddenly enhance your pizza.

White pizza, or focaccia, goes beautifully with black truffle oil. The absence of tomato sauce reduces the acidity of the dish, allowing the truffle oil to shine. For a delicious combination of bread, cheese and oil, drizzle a small amount of truffle oil on the pizza just before serving.

With eggs

Eggs are a breakfast staple with nearly unlimited applications. Whether you like eggs scrambled, fried, in a loaf of bread, deviled, or otherwise, truffle oil always elevates it. Truffle oil has a mushroom-like flavor that goes well with the flavor of eggs. For a special breakfast, lunch or dinner, a drizzle of black truffle oil just before serving will make your eggs wonderful.

With pasta

Pasta is a popular dish among people of all ages. Truffle oil goes very well with a wide range of pasta varieties, from simple to elegant. Cheese, mushroom, garlic, and carbonara are all common pasta flavors that enhance the flavor of truffles. A drop of truffle oil can transform your spaghetti into something worthy of a five-star restaurant.

Experiment with different combinations of pasta shapes and sauces to incorporate truffle oil into your pastas. You can use the following types of classic pasta:


Your sauce could be anything from extra virgin olive oil to a white cream sauce. Add a small amount of black truffle oil first